Plastic Free

Over the past 12 months, we have had numerous requests for a plastic-free packaging option for our food.

Although it has taken some time for us to put it in place, We have listened!

We are very happy to say that our customers can now choose whether they would like to receive their food in Plastic-free packaging. The alternative we are providing is called Natureflex™ and it is made of cellulose from sustainably grown forest.

This product is home compostable, and completely biodegradable.

Natureflex™ bags are charged at 25c each.

To select the Natureflex™ option, simply dropdown the option box that says "Regular Packaging" and select the Natureflex™ option.

Please be aware that we have only been able to source smaller size bags to date. We will try our best to get a larger back in stock as soon as we can. But in the mean time..please observe the max bag size for each product when choosing Natureflex™.

If you need more than the maximum capacity of one Natureflex bag you must buy multiple bags by enterring the number in the quantity box.


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If you have questions or queries about Natureflex, or have any problems with ordering plastic free, please contact us.