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At your privacy is of paramount importance to us. This means that we do not distribute, rent, or sell any of your personal information. When you browse through our site, we collect information on the efficiency and operation of our Web site. This information includes the number of times a web page is accessed, the browser used and paths taken when moving through the Web site. Any information that we collect from you will be used to improve and personalise your experience. All of our information is stored securely.

We use a cookie* to track your shopping cart during your visit. You may experience trouble when using our site if cookies are turned off. If you have your privacy settings turned to high, or are blocking cookies, you will not be able to create a shopping cart. You can check your cookie settings in Internet Explorer via the Tools, Internet Options menu, and then the Privacy tab.

All areas of our site that request sensitive information, such as personal and credit card information, are protected by a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. This means that the information that is sent to and from our server is encrypted. If a third party was to intercept your information they would be unable to interpret it.

*  A cookie is a small peice of information that a server sends to a client. When you visit a Web site with cookie capabilities, its server sends certain information about you to your browser which is stored on your hard drive as a text file. At some later time (such as returning to the same website the next day), the server retrieves the cookie. This is a way for the server to remember things about you. One sites cookies cannot be viewed or accessed by any other site.

We use Google AdWords Remarketing to advertise across the Internet. Google AdWords remarketing will display relevant ads to you based on what parts of the website you have visited by placing a cookie on your machine. THIS COOKIE DOES NOT IN ANYWAY IDENTIFY YOU OR GIVE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER, The cookie is used to tell Google that you have visited this page and to show you ads relating to this page. Google AdWords Remarketing lets us model our marketing to better suit you, and only display ads that are relevant to you.



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