Tired of buying stale nuts from Supermarkets?

The Question?

A while ago a friend of mine who is really into cooking asked me why the nuts that he gets from the supermarket leave a little to be desired? Whether it is almonds that are a bit soft or cashews that lack flavour, they always seem to be a little bit behind the 8 ball with regard to freshness.

The answer to this question is simple, and it is an unavoidable symptom of the way that supermarkets work.


The Answer.

Unlike smaller retailers, supermarkets have complex supply chains that are instituted to maximise profits by buying and selling in bulk. This means that very often, before a product is purchased from the shelf by you (the customer), it may have been warehoused or transported between locations quite a few times and for quite an extended period. Although nuts in particular are a semi-perishable item, and this does not make them inedible, it does have a major impact on their freshness, quality and taste.

At the end of the day, the difference in storage time between a supermarket and a small retailer can be as long as a few months. Which means that not only will your nuts be older when you buy them from a supermarket, but you will also not be able to keep them for very long yourself!

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