Nutmeg - Powder

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  • Country of Origin: Product of India

Nutmeg powder is easily one of the most interesting flavours to work with as a home cook because it can wear several hats and walk the line between sweet and savoury dishes. That’s what makes it such a great tool in your pantry.

While nutmeg is considered a sweet seasoning, it’s not your typical sugary sweet. It’s more of an earthy, nutty sweetness. That’s what makes it so versatile, and it’s why it can be added to savoury dishes as well as sweet ones.

The first rule of cooking with nutmeg is that a little does a lot; you don’t need much. It compliments meat well and goes great with root vegetables and winter squash. You can use it when making hearty soups or stews. And nutmeg is just as great for baking as it is for cooking. It’s a key ingredient in many desserts, including pumpkin pie, custards, and cakes.

Product of Indonesia

Yellow mustard seeds


Store item in an airtight container in a cool dry place

Shelf Life
Up to 12 months if stored correctly. See label for best before date

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