Organic Spaghetti - Felicetti (500g)


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Introducing Felicetti Organic Spaghetti - the perfect addition to your pantry for a delicious and healthy meal! Made from the finest organic durum wheat semolina and pure Alpine spring water, our spaghetti boasts a robust flavor and a satisfying texture that will leave you craving for more. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients means that you can trust that our spaghetti is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Additionally, our organic farming practices ensure that the environment is protected, and our pasta is sustainable. Whether you're in the mood for a classic spaghetti bolognese or a flavorful pesto dish, Felicetti Organic Spaghetti is versatile and pairs perfectly with any sauce. Plus, with its quick and easy cooking time, you can enjoy a delicious, wholesome meal in no time at all. Choose Felicetti Organic Spaghetti for a nutritious, delicious and sustainable pasta experience that will leave you feeling good inside and out.

Per 100g

Energy - KJ 1470
Protein - 10.80g
Fat, total - 1.20g
Fat, saturated - 0.35g
Carbohydrate - 73.30g
Sugars - 0.10g
Sodium - 2.00mg

Organic Durum Flour and water.