Udon Noodles - Organic (270g)

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Udon is a thick white wheat noodle with a texture suitable for more hearty dishes, especially Stir Fry and Soup. Made from organic soft wheat, it is high in adhesiveness and elasticity with a pleasing texture and flavor.

Udon is served hot or cold but is more often served hot in especially in Winter. Udon is often used interchangeably with Soba to add variety to dishes traditionally made with Soba noodles. Occasionally Some dishes even mix the Soba and Udon Noodles for a variety of textures.

Cooking Instructions: Boil for 10 minutes. If stirfrying boil for 8 minutes (noodles will receive extra cooking in the wok).

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Flour 95%, Salt 5%, Water.



Udon Noodles - Organic (270g)


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